Terms and Conditions

Eligibility Requirements:

Applications may be submitted by part-time or full-time degree seeking students who are currently enrolled at The New School and in good standing.  Students can be attending classes in person or online, but if the student is solely attending online classes, s/he must be available to attend in-person New Challenge events in New York City during the academic year. Gradating students are strongly encouraged to team-up with one or more students who will be enrolled at The New School for another academic year following the awarding of funds, as priority consideration will be given to projects submitted by primary applicants who are ongoing students.

Both individuals and teams are eligible to apply to New Challenge. A team should submit a single application through a team representative, who must be a New School student. If you wish to submit a proposal for a group project developed in a course at The New School, then you must either submit the project with the entire team or get written consent from all members of the team to submit the project.

Each individual may only receive funding for one proposal. Individuals may submit more than one proposal for substantively different projects, and may participate on a team application as well as submit an individual application, with a maximum of participation in two applications.

Each individual can only have one of his/her proposals (including team proposals) advance to the final round of competition. New Challenge judges will decide between competing proposals by the same individual, should they both be otherwise eligible to advance.

Proposals must be student-led and initiated, although collaboration with external partners (both individuals and organizations) is encouraged. Applicants are neither allowed to propose implementing someone else’s idea/program nor to submit material created or controlled by another individual or organization who is not a team member. Applications whose material is plagiarized from other sources will be disqualified from the competition, and students will face academic disciplinary consequences (see The New School’s Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy for details).

The New Challenge Team and the Social Innovation Initiative Steering Committee will review applications for eligibility before the judging begins. Applications that are deemed ineligible will not participate in the competition.

General Terms and Conditions:

New Challenge will only accept applications submitted through the New Challenge website. Applications will be accepted until 5:00 pm ET on the deadline date. Applicants are advised to keep copies for reference.

Applicants can submit proposals that have emerged from work completed in a New School course and proposals unrelated to New School coursework.

Proposals that involve partnerships with external organizations must provide a letter of support from the organization in the second round application, if applicable.

Partnerships with other students at The New School are encouraged, especially across divisions.

No applications or proposals containing hate or hateful language, violence or violent language or intent, discrimination or discriminatory language or intent, and/or any of the content disallowed under the Student Rights and Responsibilities section of the Student Handbook of The New School will be allowed participation in the New Challenge competition.

It is the Applicant’s responsibility to protect any highly confidential, copy-written, or trade secret information. Proposals will be handled confidentially. The legal protection of the ideas and proposals submitted by the Applicants to New Challenge is otherwise the sole responsibility of the Applicants.

Each team member must review the New Challenge Application Guidelines and agrees to abide by them. Failure to do so will result in entry disqualification and/or forfeiture of funds.

All decisions made by New Challenge judges and organizers on all matters relating to New Challenge will be final and not open to appeal or negotiation.

New Challenge organizers and judges reserve the right to choose fewer winners than planned if an insufficient number of applications are submitted and/or the submitted applications do not meet New Challenge’s standards for high-quality applications.

Expectations of Award Winners:

Each Applicant who is designated as an Award Recipient agrees to:

Attend the New Challenge Awards Celebration, as well as the Winner’s Circle workshops.

Implement the plans set forward in the submitted New Challenge application.

If the Award Recipient participated in the New Challenge competition as part of a team, the team must appoint one member of the team to be responsible for managing and communicating with the New Challenge staff during the period of the award regarding the use of award funds and progress being made. This person must be a New School student. New Challenge staff must be notified of who this person is and how that person can be reached throughout the 12-month grant period.

In any communications created about the winning New Challenge project, the New Challenge award should be referred to as: “A grant from The New School through its New Challenge competition, which supports student-led social innovation.”

If the New Challenge project has a specific institutional partner, and the New Challenge staff deems that your partnership with them is essential to your project’s success, a letter of support from them which states the ways in which you are collaborating and the nature of their continued engagement must be submitted.

Check-in with New Challenge staff (in person or by phone) within 6 months from grant award date to share your project’s progress.

Agree to have your project, images associated with your project, and your own image featured on the New Challenge and New School websites, as well as other New School communications.

Submit a mid-year and final written report at the end of the 12-month grant period that details your activities, project outcomes, and use of funds.

Debrief with New Challenge staff about your experience.

Participate in an end-of-year presentation concerning your work.

Share your progress throughout the year, as requested.

Funding Terms and Conditions:

Award Recipients must be in good academic standing at the time of the award announcement, or have graduated in good academic standing in December.

Award Recipients must submit a final proposal budget for approval. This budget should be based on the award amount. Award Recipients will need to meet with New Challenge staff and staff in the New School Administrative Services department to review the budget and discuss plans for the use of award funds.

Award Recipients must inform The New School if there are any significant changes in project-related activities or in the budget (type of expense or amount). Significant changes in project-related activities or in the budget must receive approval. Changes to the project-related activities or the budget must be shared when (1) the Award Recipient is notified of the award allocation, (2) during a budget meeting with New Challenge staff, or (3) at any other point during the grant period when project-related activities and/or the budget change.

All Award Recipients must follow The New School policies in regard to use of award funds and submit project-related receipts with a summary expense report as required by The New School policies (further detail can be found in the New Challenge Funding Guidelines that are received upon designation as an Award Recipient).

All expenses incurred must comply with The New School’s guidelines. Award Recipients must consult with The New School and the New Challenge Staff to review the planned expenses. The New School reserves the right to decide whether or not expenses are acceptable for the use of New Challenge funds. Examples of generally-acceptable uses of funds include buying materials and supplies, paying a consultant (for legal, marketing, design, or web development services etc.) to do some part of the work, travel necessary for the project, rental of space or equipment as necessary to implement your project, catering for project-related events, etc. Examples of generally unacceptable uses of funds, which would not be approved, include paying for tuition, textbooks, personal computers, out-of-pocket expenses without prior approval, and expenses unnecessary for the project.

Award Recipients must submit project receipts and an expense report on a quarterly basis throughout the 12-month award period.

Award Recipients will have access to New Challenge award funds for 12 months from the award date. The award date will start once the grant letter is signed.

Access to New Challenge funds can be withdrawn at the discretion of The New School at any time if the winners do not comply with the above Terms and Conditions.

Last Notes of Interest:

Anyone who submits an application to the New Challenge competition agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.

The New School reserves the right to interpret these terms and the other application texts, and to alter, amend or change them at its discretion.

Each Applicant and members of teams thereof voluntarily releases The New School, New Challenge staff, and each New Challenge judge from any liabilities, responsibilities, and accountabilities relating to or arising out of any Challenge Official’s participation in New Challenge.



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