2013 Projects
Aesthetic Voyagers
Andrew Williams

“‘The Road’ ceases to be a means to your destination; it begins to feel as though it’s where you have been all along. Our home is the road, and there is no mortgage. Having grown up in a post Kerouac nation, at a time when he was all but forgotten, and airlines ruled the travel scene; I was never able to connect the dots between what constituted travel. Gone were the generations of the stereotypical traveling hobo, with a rucksack to his name and the whole nation to be seen from a boxcar. Our generation’s hobo became too content to leave the one profitable corner, in one town. Gone by my time were those willing to pick up hitchhikers, and gone were those willing to thumb up and try, a lack of trust in our fellow man killed that entire system. The dangers of the road? People. That’s it. The road never changed, never will. More simply than defying physics, logic, or God, the road has not been wizarded into some asphalt-based maw. People have just somehow along the way lost perspective on the true freedom that can be found thereon.” -Donnie Kerouac

Travel, meet, document, and share experiences with the people who are introduced to me. I will study the relationships of my temporary, new found friends and acquaintances. The charming panoramic tableaux’s from the bus window is such a refreshing way of travelling. The bus can roll through the dense metropolitan constructions at crawling pace and within an hour you can be in at an infinite countryside with lingering forests containing enormous tree sanctuaries passing by at an indistinct 60mph. As I move around these environments and gaze at the framed scenes I am introduced to colors, people, cars, constructions, animals, and nature as the bus tranquilly hums along. Discovering these people, scenes, and compositions that emerge through the window inspire me to create images that serve as documentation of these various environments that excite my senses. Sitting on the bus, staring out the window while harvesting an absolutely perfect series of songs to accompany the fluctuating landscape builds up anticipation for the next stop. Once I reach a rest stop or destination my mind rapidly replays the tableaux that existed for mere seconds and propels me out to find more while making photographs of these spontaneous phenomena where people and landscapes collide. It drives me to understand the world around me while learning about the people from whom I share this reality.


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