2013 Projects
AMO studios
Ana Maria Bezanilla, Brooke Taylor, Daniela Lloveras, Jonathan Pisano & Greta Titelman

The creating, exhibiting and viewing of art should truly be accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic status or real or perceived boundaries. The old art world structures and systems have created an elitist and inaccessible platform for the sharing of creative ideas. In the current system, the most successful artists (and those which therefore have access to spaces for exhibitions) are supported by the infusion of capital from private entities seeking “”investments.”” This consumerist approach to art has caused a demand for space and resources, further aggravating the situation of space and resources only available to a select few.

As part of the constant search for space, Brooklyn has endured changes as a result of artistic gentrification. It is rare to see artists address these realities head on, we are working to create a space which exists as an open forum to serve the broadest possible audience and participants. We seek to create a place which provides opportunities for exhibitions and the resources to circumvent the existing hierarchy.

There is no denying that any transplant relocating to Brooklyn is part of the gentrification problem. However, it is rare to see artists address these realities head on, instead distracting from the negative aspects of rent hikes and population overgrowth. We believe that by situating ourselves where we are, and providing an open, proposal based platform, our sphere becomes horizontally integrated in nature, rather than sticking to the ladders of hierarchy which for so long have prevented true intellectual and creative growth.

It has come to the point where creating a space of one’s own is virtually impossible without sacrifice of critical iconoclastic content, which silences a generation of voices; misled by the economy with no choice but to fend for themselves. If people continue to rely on the archaic structures which hold not only the art world but the larger economy, the weight of our frustration will crumble it eventually. Our space serves to provide this outlet for our contemporaries, to prepare us for leadership in a rapidly changing world.

AMO studios is a collective space trying to create a platform that bridges the gap between the younger generation of artists and the current structures of the art world. Through this platform we aim to create an environment that supports collaboration over competition. As an alternative space we aim to challenge the current structures of exhibition practices by working as an “open proposal” based venue, which we receive from members of other institutions, neighborhood artists and curators, and through our online following. Through this, we surrender curatorial control giving those selected the freedom to fully realize their ideas. We accept a wide variety of aesthetics and tastes, catering to the growingly scattered diaspora of creative expression. Because our turnaround for events is so fast, each participant sees us differently. We are a changing entity, dynamic and moving towards a unified, progressive, collaboration-based future, in which art can exceed current expectations and reach those still untouched by its potential.

We are taking initiative as undergraduate students from different backgrounds to create our own place to benefit the future art world. We are creating our own jobs, our own scene, and our own niche in the economy of the ultimate commodity, and realizing its transformative qualities. We aim to create a self-sufficient community of artists that strives to penetrate the art world with positivity rather than exclusion. Having done over 40 events and continuously gaining a stronger following, we need funding in order to see the vision to its fullest, and to be able to expand our reach beyond the physical gallery space.

  • Anonymous

    Nice idea! I could see this going in a lot of exciting directions. For the gentrification aspects of what you’re talking about, you might want to connect with last year’s New Challenge winners on the Welcomesburg team:

  • AMO

    Thank you for the support! please get your friends to vote.

    • Ale Correa

      It looks great, Ana!

  • jose

    excellent idea! make your own future by getting organized!

  • Yita Blanco

    Buenisimo! Great vision.

  • Diana Barber

    The best of luck, I love the project, it deserves full support. Congratulations!

  • Silvana

    Great job.


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