2013 Projects
Baracchino PV
Matteo Vinati

The problem:

Pollution caused by fuel engine cars
Making touristic services more complete
Wider services offer to people in general
Good mean of communication for the purpose and the design
Best practice all over the world

The solution:

What I’m proposing is a stand alone green station with device charging docs for anything that needs to be charged. But it’s not just that. It’s a bench, it’s a meeting point, it’s a night reading spot.
It can be placed in parks, in squares, in remote areas, on the mountain. Wherever there’s a well illuminated place.
Today people depend on smart phones for almost everything  (nothing new about it). What if there’s no more electricity? Or what if electricity would always be available when your battery goes off and you have to make an important phone call? Or you are lost, you need to use your gps but the battery is dead?
What if electrical cars or motorbikes or scooters would replace nowadays fuel engine vehicles? just stop at one Baracchino and fill the battery for free. This system could help this revolutionary change because today the problem with electrical cars are the charging stations. With Baracchino you can sit down on the seats while your car is recharging and read a book or watch a short movie. Just take it smooth.
It’s ecological, because it store electricity from the sun (could be also integrated with wind power system) and because it’s made with recycled materials and recyclable materials.
It’s cool, because it does not exist on the market and because of its design.
It makes the difference, even if it’s a really simple solution.
For everyday needs.
For pushing the swift to a mass usage of ecological vehicles.

  • Anonymous

    So would you be focused more on vehicles or hand-held personal devices (like phones)? Seem like very different markets. For small devices, there are charging stands in lots of countries now (like they discuss on
    http://www.popgadget.net/2004/08/mobile_mobile_c.php) – but I like how yours is a more humane and pleasant, less commercial approach. Would love to learn more about your idea!

    • http://www.facebook.com/matteo.vinati Matteo Vinati

      yesterday I wrote an answer to ur comment…damn! where is it?!

  • B

    It would be really nice to have some baracchinos out there. I like it!

  • dott. Berger

    Baracchino is a brilliant & economical idea: let’s produce it!

  • max slave

    ola mat te dise che me pias fes il to laura’…spachet i ciap a sti babb…. 😉

    • http://www.facebook.com/matteo.vinati Matteo Vinati

      max slave… |o| sembra lo pseudonimo di un sodomita :-D!! ma grazie fexx per l’inscureggiamento! stam be e c si vede a bs

  • Felix

    Heila so riat a daten du. <lunedi ten do en oter da Nae

    • http://www.facebook.com/matteo.vinati Matteo Vinati

      l’ho capit! grasie fees vècio!


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