2013 Projects
Bicycle Turn Signals
Will Fu

With a public bike share program coming to New York, there will be an increased about of bicycles/cyclists. Proper lighting and signaling is an important aspect which I feel has not been properly explored. My goal is to lower the number of bike related accidents through my designs.

With my design, bicycles will be manufactured with lights attached during assembly, providing cyclists with higher visibility and the ability to signal where they are going. This way, drivers and pedestrians would have an easier time spotting cyclists during the day and at night.

  • Anonymous

    I love the simplicity of this idea, and how it can solve such a specific problem. With better ways of interacting more safely with drivers and other bikers, people might be less hesitant to bike in the city (as well as safer when they do it). Hope you follow up on this idea and really make it happen!


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