2013 Projects
Ivonne Tejada Cruel

Core interest of the design investigation: Child Learning in a Changing Culture.

Education is a platform to engage the society. The Education system, provides the tools for human communication, – linguistic, which connect people with the system they are living in. With my project I’m looking into Learning methods(Waldorf,Montessori) and technology. In how technology is taking from people its natural process of learning and the development of the brain. I want to focus on analogue writing and drawing and how can these two connect to the digital age, without losing its analogue essence. Our Children know how to make better use of technological devices than the basic of writing.

Nowadays with the boom of technology, touch screen, voice data transfer, smart dictionary(digital) , and so on, people from all ages, are losing an important tool of communication. People are losing something that make us humans, the skills of writing and drawing. Therefore, my proposal is to work and preserve analogue learning, specifically on Children entering into a culture in constant change.

The lost of analogue linguistic skills is an issue that young generations are facing today. How would our children be learning in the near future?. How can we preserve analogue writing skills for the future?. Are we awarded on the importance on how writing, develops the human brain with more potential than perhaps digital typing?. I believe that writing is one of the human skills that digital artifacts are taking from people and there are ways to combine the digital and analogue world to make it work successfully as one great technology.

My project involve three groups that make the Education system work as one solid network, linked to make the learning experience solid and consistent; School, Parents and Students.

I will be working under the parameters, for the development and design of a Product System Service (PSS). The solution is to create a design that engage children into the preservation of analogue learning, through writing and drawing. Children won’t have direct contact with the technology. The Product they will be using to write and draw in class, will support the school system. The System Service will connect parents, children and teachers(school) throughout a digital interface. The Product will record the analogue information produced by the student, to be converted into digital data for the school archives and records. This records could be accessed by the teachers and parents -anytime, to easily follow up with the student work. The information will be seen as digital data on the system.

My desire is to design a Product that helps to preserve analogue learning. Other products are entirely attach to technology in the way they look, feel and behave for the user. Products that take the natural human behavior and implement a new way of learning.

The Product will attempt to detach children from technology, in order to improve their linguistic and social skills, yet will provide the school with digitized data from the student’s work, in order to give parents access to the development of their children in school.

  • Claudia Villalona

    Excellent Ivonne ! Very interesting an Genius idea;)

    • Ivonne Tejada Cruel

      Thank you Ms. Villalona. There’s more development to come.

  • Carlos Tejada

    Very interesting and promising stuff!!

  • Julianny Ariza

    Great! Things like that is what our world needs right now!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=705521115 Helge Nævdal

    Great Ivonne..proud of you !!….I like the idea:)

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