2013 Projects
Coloring Outside the Lines
Natalie Marrero

Coloring Outside the Lines© is an art outreach program striving to reach underserved communities by facilitating programs in movement and visual arts. It is critical to bring this type of program to underserved communities because it allows people to realize the power within themselves and the power of art. Coloring Outside the Lines addresses the lack of art programs in public education for children, young adults and adults throughout their lives.

COTL allows participants to discuss themselves, the community they come from and how they interact within their own community with the participants in the room. This experience relies on a visual component that where each individual describes via imagery who s/he is and then later when sharing individual stories, those drawings are embodied into movement.

The community learning experience is non-hierarchical with peers learning from one another and a facilitator modeling the experience; the facilitator is a student as well exemplifying the open classroom where all participants are learners and teachers. Art has transformed my life – just like many of the students I have met through facilitating COTL, I at one time had never been given the opportunity to learn and have fun while I learn through the arts. I feel it is important because someone once gave me a chance to succeed so I would like to do the same for someone else.

Coloring Outside the Lines addresses the problem of the lack of art programs by providing workshops that educate people through the lens of art; the workshops are aimed for people to realize the real power inside of themselves. The workshop is facilitated with the rules of respect and safety discussed before the program has even begun. Coloring Outside the Lines enables participants to work with one another – and this type of learning carries over into their personal endeavors. The workshops all discuss the same concepts of understanding and being proud of who you are as an individual within your own society and how you can make a difference whether it is with a smile or by helping others. This type of solution helps because it allows people to discuss things about themselves, their community and how they interact within their community in the perspective they see it in a fun interactive way.


  • Virginia

    Admirable in its own right. Applicable to inclusion, particularly, to young population (14-21, for instance) under represented targeted by HIV/STI education/assessment (testing) programs.
    “Art” as a means of expression, and, Coloring Outside the Lines (COL) as a vehicle of engagement to raise the interest level in participation? A grand idea to receive attention beyond this project itself.


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