2013 Projects
Domestic Soybean Yarn
Audrey Putz

North and South Carolina currently house dozens of abandoned textile mills. Along with these unemployed mills are unemployed residents. The unemployment rate in South and North Carolina is 1.3% higher than the national average (8.3%). By utilizing the mills, making products with local resources, and by employing residents, a much needed economic boost will be given to the area, and hopefully on a larger scale, to the United States. As designers, we can make use of such resources to better the current situation of the economy.

Looking into local resources, I found that soybeans are a top field crop of the Carolinas. By investigating uses, I found that many of the soybeans are used currently as meal for poultry and beef. One use that I found related to the textile mills was using soybean oil to create textiles from soybean fiber spun from the oil. I want to accomplish bringing back an old industry, with a new resource, while employing current local residents. Other people are using the textile mills to make condos, or tearing them down and reusing the brick for interior and exterior construction. If we focus on the mills as a possible economic circle, creating an economic flow of resources, residents, and facilities, the industry can be revived.

  • Allie

    I am way into what you are proposing, very interested in boosting the garment industry in the Carolinas. A recent Parsons alum is also very passionate about these ideas, she’s from North Carolina, and I’m still in touch with her. Good luck with your proposal! And regardless of the incomes we should chat! Allie at AnalogueChic dot com (Parsons FD AAS student)


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