2013 Projects
Food for Thought
Kevin Seitz

Eating too fast is something that is very prevalent in our eat on the go society.  This not only affects what we eat, but how we eat.  My aim is to create a system that slows people down while eating in a restaurant or at home.  By eating slower it allows our body to realize how much we are eating and makes us mind full of what we are eating.  I want to investigate if how we experience food systems can impact the way we eat.

For my thesis class At Your Service: Product Economies in BFA Product Design,  I plan to make a basic cutlery set and plates that aims to slow down a person while they are eating.  This will also tie into a larger service system that will be a meal service. I want to make the process of eating slower invisible by making it part of a service. People will not see it as “slow eating” because it is part of a service that is expected.

I am currently researching how tableware specifically cutlery, plates and a system that supports this, will have an impact on how much and how fast we consume food during a meal.  My goal is to create a system that could be implemented in a restaurant or family meal that would create a better eating environment without the users knowing.  By researching and understanding the dining ritual, experience, and tools, I aim to create a service that will implement this knowledge and create a better and healthier dining experience.

  • Cassondra Warney

    Hello Kevin Seitz, I attended the New School’s senior’s exhibit earlier this week and saw your tea set design. I REALLY like them and was wondering if any of the sets are for sale? I can be reached at cassondra.warney@gmail.com. Thanks!


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