2013 Projects
Furniture/lighting design for parks
Soo Ji Lee

The service that I would like to support is safety and security service with night time curfew in parks in New York City. Parks in today, don’t provide what time they are closed significantly, and as we can easily see, parks are considered to be tourist attraction sites in the city as an example of Bryant Park where tourists at least once stop by. Moreover, regardless of seasons, people like to take pleasure in public open spaces, and these places where people come to gather are usually opened to crime and violence. So, if there is a product that will communicate with communities, it would more support safety and security system in open green areas and develop neighborhood as well.

By creating mood and changing color, a lighting/furniture would visually indicate curfew and interact with public for safety. The service and product should be sustainably designed because it would be placed in parks, helps psychological theory that being in parks at night is really dangerous, and supports the development of the neighborhood. It will be different from other people because its main focus is creating park as a comfort zone and at the same time providing better safety and security service. The furniture/light fixture would be worked by existing solar power system that collects lights during the day and emits glows at night with rechargeable battery. So, it would notice people that park is closed at certain time with its glows.


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