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Games for Conflict ReSOLUTION

In life we all encounter some level of conflict. These instances of conflict can range from minor issues to life altering situations. Although many advances have been made in the practice of conflict mediation, these skills are not often and regularly taught in formal education. This is a significant opportunity, because many individuals would benefit greatly from learning more about conflict as well as the practical and realistic ways to navigate through conflicts. My project aims to bridge the gap between what is taught to conflict mediators and what is taught to students. I am trying to make this knowledge and practice of conflict mediation more accessible to those who have not had formal training. By making conflict mediation skills more readily available, individuals and communities can transform the way conflict mediation is practiced.

Repetition and play can often be the best ways to adopt a particular skill set or practice into one’s behavior. With this thought in mind I will address the lack of education regarding conflict mediation skills through gaming. I intend to design a group interaction game that will address various aspects of conflict mediation.  Through group interaction, players can gain valuable and realistic practice of conflict mediation techniques. This game will also allow players to identify their own conflict style when approaching situations as well as possible styles that they can work towards. By taking something that is usually associated with negativity and anxiety and, transforming it into a play environment, this game can re-frame how conflict and conflict resolution is perceived and practiced.

  • http://jamiebillingham.com jamie billingham

    This is an awesome idea! I taught violence prevention programs in corrections for years and it was very clear that many of the folks in the groups I facilitated really didn’t know how to resolve conflict. Come to think of it same could be said of some of my coworkers :-) Using interactive game play and as you say repetition is a seriously great idea.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ncristsee Noelle Crist-See

    I’d like to make a conflict-solving game. I’d like it to be directed at school-age children, too. I also thought it would be a good idea to include strategies for talking to Adult agressors. I just don’t know how to go about this.

    I get tripped up with the reward system. If it is supposed to be interesting to more kids, then the rewards would have to be prevalent. Like “your decision prevented a serious crime and the local news wants to publish a story about you”. But maybe they need coins or medals or something similar.
    Another thing is how the game could be visually exciting. There are so many details that go into a game.

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