2013 Projects
Tyreek de Veaux

What brings me to extend my attitude in developing a strategy to reduce suicide in urban environments is my stand on social justice in communities infected with drugs and hate. Starting with the youth of our urban culture we need to make sure that close attention is paid to their well being and we need to pay close attention to those in pursuit of deterring there attempt at well being and education as well as creating relationships with the more suited citizens organizing in these areas. Too many youth fall astray to gang violence, domestic violence, drug addiction and poor education. Too many youth can’t take charge because off parents unwillingness to understand and let go of their own problems so that their children can go on to lead professional lives in any given career. Police officers do to little to take care of the situation but rather target those neglected to the circumstances that all urban society is well aware of. The ghetto is choking itself and is intoxicated by ludicrous and outlandish forms of abuse. The youth shouldn’t be afraid to take a stand against what is un-doubtfully wrong and know one voice should go unheard especially in a society that is leaning more to the can do more than the can’t do and the youth shouldn’t have to worry about what the world holds in store for them. We are waiting for a swift un-relentless change on how society neglects’ our poor ghetto youth and we need to have our voices heard for the opportunities’ of the world.

My solution to the problem is to create a historic day to remember; a day where we utilize our public sectors and have our dreams realized ‘all of us’. We need not lay dormant in our minds but active together. We need a day where everybody can come together and share dignity and pride on the necessary goals that we all can challenge without the resentment or hate toward our fellow man. I want to inspire our acting officials to come with peace that we have the greatest nation in the world and the fight against ourselves ends with the practice of giving. Our youth need to know of the opportunities’ we have and our organizers shall put in place all they can to let the world know of the opportunities’ to come.

I would like if everyone went to the park on the same day for the same reason. To have our voices heard and to let the men in Washington and the media know that “We got this”.
I want the youth to be free of despair and judgment from those who can’t see and we need to develop a way to be united other than going to war. America can do right with its budget if it was put in the hands of its people.

So I propose that on that day we go out and fly kites together for our spirit and our well being. We shall stand together as a free nation in our home as if we made it with our bear hands and let our leaders see the faces of hope.


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