2013 Projects
Alejandro Lopez & Adrian Mangel

The social problem that we are seeking to address is the ineffectiveness that a common umbrella brings to its users. People in New York City get caught in the rain and face various problems. Do they have a personal umbrella? Is it easy to take out? Is the umbrella in good condition? Do they know where to store the umbrella? Did they forget it somewhere else? New Yorkers are known for always being in a rush and living hectic lives where having an umbrella is the least of their worries. However, once the rain comes, they regret not having thought about it earlier. Apart from creating a problem for the users, umbrellas that are constantly being tossed in the dumpsters increase pollution and affect the ecology.  Since the demand of this product high (due to the necessity people have for umbrellas) people keep buying and throwing them away, without realizing the harm they are creating to the environment.

The solution that we want to provide for New Yorkers is based on a service where people can rent an umbrella at any given point of the day. Stations would be located in designated areas where people can easily pick up and drop off their rented umbrellas. This way, costumers will have something less to worry about.

The innovativeness of this idea comes together when we take a further step into what this service will include. Users are going to have a free service if what we are proposing succeeds. We want to take this idea to important companies that are willing to advertise their products in these umbrellas that will be running along the city, just as an advertisement in a taxi does. This way of advertising is incredibly useful; it’s a moving advertisement that people will take to wherever their destination is. They will genuinely work for these companies by just wearing their product in the umbrella. It all comes together when the advertisers pay the company for having their publicity in the umbrellas. With this money we can cover the costs for maintenance, giving the chance to the people in New York to have this service completely free of charge.

When we put all of these solutions together we have a clear perspective of what the consequences are going to be. People will be satisfied for having a free service that will make their life easier. Companies that are willing to advertise their products will have an effective method to diffuse their products around the city. Finally by managing our umbrellas, we can take control of the use of them, eliminating the excess of broken umbrellas that are dumped into the garbage daily.

  • Catalina Peralta

    great idea guys! wish I had thought about it
    im always losing my umbrella

  • Guest

    great idea guys! wish I had thought about it… im always losing my umbrella

  • Sara S

    This is awesome! kind of like renting bikes but instead it would be umbrella stations! Love it !

  • traserodecerdoypatatas

    awesome idea !! specially in the part of advertising ! great job !

  • gracmunoz

    Woww!! You’re genius guys! That’s awesome and easy to start up!

  • Tucker

    Great idea! Good work, guys.

  • Rememberyourteacherbackstreet

    Love it! Congratulations guys

  • Javo

    Simply genius! Good thinking

  • Marta

    It’s a great idea! but I don’t agree with making it completely free. People should pay, even if it’s just a quarter.

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