2013 Projects
Reality Check Packaging (RCP)
Arushi Batra

The issue that I am going to be targeting is obesity and binge-eating. Being a student in the city I have noticed the bad eating habits we get into, but one thing that bothers me the most if when we only realize how much junk we eat only after we eat it. This is something that affects almost everyone and in today’s society, especially appearance is something that is very important to every single person, especially health.

Especially in New York City, where everyone is so busy trying to keep up with the chaos around them, junk food is something they eat while doing something else. This makes you lose track of how much your even eating. Hence the food we tend to eat the most of without even realizing is large bags of fried potato chips. When is the last time we opened one of those and didn’t end up stopping only until we realized we finished half the bag? Even the nutritional information behind these large bags gives the serving size and calories per serving separately, therefore we don’t even realize how heavy the entire packet will be unless we do the math. This inspired me to come up with my design idea.

My solution to this problem is the placement of thin cellophane membranes placed at different depths of large bags of potato chips, cookies and what not. These membranes are placed at different depths indicating how much has been eaten and how many calories it contained. Therefore the next time your eating a bag of chips without paying attention to it you’ll get a reality check once you realize one compartment of the bag is already over and the only way you realize that is by hitting the membrane which is like a milestone of how many chips/ calories are left to gain with that bag. If you still want to keep going all you need to do is break the membrane and go ahead till you reach the next one, at least it makes you aware of how much your eating while your eating it. This design element in the packaging industry however small can actually make a huge difference in the health of our society. This idea struck me when I binge ate a bag of ‘Goldfish’ carelessly and regretted it later, and I believe this is something that hasn’t really been adopted by any packaging industry and should be adopted now.

Even though my idea is just at its stage of development I feel it has a lot of scope and potential to make a difference (however small) to the health of all people around the world, especially if large companies like ‘FritoLay’ decide to incorporate it into their packaging.


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