2013 Projects
Serving An Experience
Ka Hee Bae

I am using God’s Love We Deliver as an inspiration for my project to expose and shine light on local non profit organizations based in NYC. GLWD, unlike any other non profits, prepares and hand delivers meals for those suffering with HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses that cause malnutrition. My project is to create a line of dinnerware products that resemble God’s Love We Delivers logo and create a system where it’s a buy one help one deal. The system will allow donations and fundings to flow in to help GLWD expand and reach out to more people that are in need of their service.

My solution is to create a line of dinnerware products that has the information on God’s Love We Deliver and design a system where if you a product you are automatically contributing to the funding for expansion and helping out. With this system I am hoping to raise enough money or even a portion that can help the organization expand and reach out to more people.


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