2013 Projects
Henrik Roemhild, Samuel Woldenburg

The advertising market has been active for centuries and is constantly evolving. However, the traditional concept of advertising in public space is not as effective as clients think it is. In the 21st century, viewers need to be able to engage in the content. As a result, advertisements need to be interesting, creative and attention grabbing. The New York City subway stations are full of advertising potential, but it is being under utilized. The space is unique in the respect that it is the only time in which New Yorkers are unoccupied and standing still. This opens up an untapped market that has never been successfully taken advantage of. We need to go further and explore the possibilities of alternate methods when transmitting information. The current subway experience is currently dull and we plan to enhance it by making it more enjoyable and positive. As frequent subway riders, we have become aware of how desensitized New Yorkers are to traditional methods of information transmission.

Through unique design, we plan to provide an alternative to the monotonous nature of traditional advertising by revamping the presentation. We have created a non-traditional form of transmitting information, which will be accomplished through the construction of sound domes, also known as the “Subioz Domes”. Within the sound domes, will be a panoramic LED screen that will be accompanied by a speaker that will be placed in the top center of the dome. The panoramic and all encompassing nature of the LED screens within the dome allows the viewer to become immersed in the content surrounding them. By entering a space partially isolated from the surrounding area, the attention of the viewer is directed solely at the message that is being conveyed by the advertisements. Only the dome effect gives this unique experience. The viewer has the option of entering or exiting the space at any time. This choice is essential to the intrigue and accessibility of the domes. The focus of these sound domes will be to present short and effective viral campaigns. The sound domes will be installed in conjunction with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

  • David

    This is an interesting idea for ad content delivery. My experience with the NY subways, except in extreme off hours, is not of people unoccupied and standing still. I think of a teeming throng. But if you could get them to stand still for a moment and give your presentations their undivided attention, this would be interesting. As an unintended consequence, NY subways could become the undisputed “greatest city in the world” for pickpockets.


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