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Sophia Jose

There are countless people who are in need of shelter. If these people had safe places to be they would be able to have a place to hold a community event, to put their children to sleep without having to worry if it would be too cold or too hot, a place were weather and animals could hurt them. A place where peer pressure and curiosity could be positively channeled. People need love, they need community, they need to be apart of a movement .  People could finally make a sound for all to hear, a sound of hope for people who need shelter, a school, a facility for the elderly, the youth, single mothers, orphans, etc. This issue must be addressed because people all over the world are suffering, either because their cold and hungry, or because they don’t have a safe place to go at night in a place where gangs fill the streets at night. Architects can come together to build for a cause, and at the end of their building journey people who may know nothing about architecture can come to the building site neighborhood and celebrate with the people who will be receiving the new facility by holding great events and just reaching out with care.This is what people need; to know that they are not just a waste of life, that they can help no mater how old they are, how inexperienced they think they are. people also need shelter. People need each other.

My solution to shelterless and hopeless people world wide is to open up an architectural firm where architects would come together and work on high scale projects to make money to put together outreaches where we will build facilities, buildings, schools, orphanages etc., for people in need weather it is in our neighborhood or in another country. A team of architects and engineers would be sent out to the site and start building. Now this is the part where non architects can make just as much as of an impact on this community! They would be able to go on the architectural site from where ever they are and sign up for multiple ways to help out during the process of the birthing of the new facility, whether they want to travel down to the town or village with a team for a week or even a month before the final product is complete to celebrate with the people, holding multiple events for them. They could also donate even a cent to this life changing movement, and be apart of spreading the word! At the end of the project anyone who helped out would be honored, and the people they helped would now have a place to live, learn, express themselves, and an invitation to help us with any upcoming projects for other communities. This would be different from what other people are doing because it would give people opportunities to change the world, even the people we have helped.


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