2014 Projects
Amenawon Solar School Initiative, Lagos
Anze Zadel - Parsons, Design and Urban Ecologies (Graduate) Shirley Bucknor - Parsons, Design and Urban Ecologies (Graduate) Inyegumena Nosegbe - Parsons, Communication Design (Undergraduate)

In the coming year we will retrofit a compound in Lagos Nigeria, creating a hybrid model to offer sustainable solutions to the urban resource crisis by developing low cost technologies for healthy and sustainable living, while cultivating social relationships and skills for stewardship of this system and its proliferation.

At the invitation of the Amayo family, the Amenawon Solar School Initiative is transforming a compound in Lagos, Nigeria owned by the late Amenawon Amayo, which houses a school, retail space and private residences. We will create a hybrid model that tackles the urban resource crisis. Developing low cost and sustainable technologies to access potable water, renewable energy, and other resources for healthy and sustainable living, we will also cultivate social relationships and skills for stewardship of this compound scale system and its proliferation at larger scales.

Working closely with the family and school, compound residents and neighbors, we will implement a rooftop garden and social space that harvests rain-water and solar energy by June 2015. Through workshops with community members we will investigate resources, needs, and desires and develop a curriculum and practices to cultivate green stewardship and increase access to needed resources in Lagos.

Link to blog: http://amenawoninitiative.wordpress.com/

  • Jen Mazer

    I’m so excited about this project!

  • Sara Yonas

    This is a winner!

  • Juan Mota

    Perhaps the only project worth voting for this year, due to the fact that this a fantastic group of dedicated urban ecologist ready to take on issues around the world.

    • Susan

      Hm, it’s pretty unfair to make this statement without reading the actual descriptions of the other projects. Many of us have done on the ground research, so I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that this is the only project that has done so. Everyone on this challenge is devoted to a social cause, so that’s what matters. So, in my opinion, every project on here is worth voting for. You should probably make a stab at being a bit more open minded.

      • Juan Mota

        Susan dear, this is a competition. I can care less if one project is destined to end world hunger or manifest itself as the prime proposal for doing away with world poverty. I am here to support one team only. I have no desire in admiring the “hard work” of other projects. This project has credibility and credibility is much better than a nicely composed presentation or nicely polished proposal.

        • Chris H.

          This is a competition Susan!

        • Anze Zadel

          Our team is aware of a tremendous amount of work that went into each of these project proposals and would like to congratulate to each team. We would also like to say that we would like to stimulate here constructive critique that would help the projects and their teams.

        • Susan

          “Susan, dear”. You just entered the terrain of condescension. Kind of unbelievable, really when all I’m trying to say is that some of the other projects are as equally grounded and ‘credible’. I too think that this is a great, if not completely fantastic project, but there is no reason to come on here and discredit the work of other hardworking people. Anze, thank you for your gracious response, you clearly have more empathy for the hard work that goes into each and everyone of these projects. Your response is admirable! :) Good luck with your work, regardless of the outcomes of the challenge or not.

      • Amy

        Juan is completely right Susan. This is a competition at the end of the day regardless of the hard work other projects have done. Its not about being open minded. It is about supporting your friends and classmates.

        • Andy

          But Juan literally said “I have no desire in admiring the “hard work” of other projects. This project has credibility and credibility is much better than a nicely composed presentation or nicely polished proposal.” Not only is that rude, it’s not in the spirit of this particular challenge. It takes away from this group’s hard earned success.

        • Susan

          This is absolutely a competition, but there is no reason to be discrediting the hard work of other contestants. Support your friends, support your classmates, just don’t knock down the work of other people—that is what makes for a great competition. Amenawon—great work. Good luck.

    • Paul

      There is no point in being negative. It’s a competition, but the point is clearly to create new ideas – so actually, there is great value in encouraging everyone involved in the competition.

  • Juan Mota

    It is perhaps the most viable proposal for this challenge. These Urban Ecologist have been working day and night and have actually traveled to Nigeria to conduct research and learn about the great impact their proposal will have to the residents of Ikeja!

  • Robert Robinson

    The undisputed champion project!

  • Brian

    This sounds like an awesome project. Great proposal.

  • Henry P.

    This proposal really demonstrates the talent our student body has. I am really looking forward to see how Amenawon Solar School Initiative unfolds. I am very sure this group deserves this opportunity.

  • April

    Why does this project continue to experience issues for voting??? The icon to vote doesn’t even show up now- but does so for all the other projects????

  • Kevin

    This website is so weird, whenever I try to vote on this challenge it tells me I have already voted even though I haven’t voted at all! I hope whoever manages this website is looking into this matter.

  • Anze Zadel

    As many of our supporters expressed difficulties with the voting system on the site we kindly ask you to post you vote and express your support to the project in the comments line.

    Thank you!

    Amenawon Team

  • Urban Jeriha

    Yesterday I had difficulties with voting, but today the button was working!
    Congratulations to the team for a great work! :)

  • James

    Good luck to Amenawon Team!

  • Tanja H.Ž.

    Excellent job. Congrats.

  • Raquel

    Incredible! Best of luck!

  • Jacob Cooperman

    This sounds really interesting, just voted.
    Good Luck

  • Annette Saldana

    Intention. Visualization to Realization.

  • Luchi Kids

    We wish you the very best. We stand solidly behind you.

  • janez kozelj

    Amenawon Solar School Initiative in Lagos
    aims to introduce urban agriculture that benefit local community. I consider
    this minimalist project would meet other municipal objectives too, including education
    for sustainable living, self supply of water and food, so contributing to the
    everyday resilience of the city. The project deserves to be realized.

  • Gulsun Saglamer

    I was not able to vote and at the end decided to make a comment.
    I wholeheartedly support this project as the former rector of Istanbul technical University and Honorary fellow of American Institute of Architects. I know one of the researcher Anze Zadel for more than 7 years. He was my student. He is a very promising, talented young designer and researcher with a sound ,dependable character.

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