2014 Projects
Beyond DASH
Reid Henkel - Parsons, Transdisciplinary Design (Graduate) Gertrud Høgh Rasmussen - Parsons, Transdisciplinary Design (Graduate)

Beyond DASH is a social networking platform for diabetic youth that provides peer-to-peer mentoring for both medical and social issues related to diabetes.

Beyond DASH is a project by Transdisciplinary Design students Reid Henkel and Gertrud Høgh Rasmussen. We are partnering with DASH Sports Education: Diabetes and Sports Health (www.dashcamp.org), a non-profit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area. DASH facilitates sports camps for children with diabetes along with their parents, siblings, and friends. The camps are aimed to empower youth with diabetes through sports, positive role models, and social support. We see an opportunity in the time between camps to extend the effects that DASH has on the children. Beyond DASH creates a space that enables the kids to increase their diabetes adherence and self-confidence through our social networking platform that promotes peer-to-peer mentoring.


  • Mike

    DASH has been doing some really inspiring things in the Bay Area and around the world. I have several friends who have diabetes and they wish they had a program like this when they were younger. Help support!


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