2014 Projects
Beyond The Page
Teymour Nicolas Sursock - New School for Public Engagement, Media Studies (Graduate) Katie Edmonds - New School for Public Engagement, Media Studies (Graduate)

Beyond The Page is a collaborative, interdisciplinary venture founded to converge multimodal design and scholarly research in research institutions, with the aim of producing knowledge and information that is both useful and accessible.

Beyond The Page is a collaborative, interdisciplinary research and design venture founded by graduate students at the New School. Our goal is to develop new techniques for research documentation and publishing that are informed by new media design and production practices. We seek out partners who are interested in exploring ways of reaching new audiences through experimenting with genres that aren’t typically used in scholarly research. Together we work through a series of prototypes that explore how the researcher can use image, sound and nonlinear formats to best communicate their work and utilize alternate publishing outlets.

Our desired result is both the work itself and participation in the new literacies conversation. Our team is especially interested in identifying how each research project can be more accessible to readers, allowing research to emerge from the currently troubled space of scholarly publishing, and the hegemony of specialization that dominates scholarly practice.


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