2014 Projects
Saico Ozawa, Parsons, Strategic Design and Management (Graduate), Esther Achaerandio, Parsons, Strategic Design and Management (Graduate), Mark Leal - Parsons, Strategic Design and Management (Graduate) Michelle Yee - Parsons, Strategic Design and Management (Graduate) Martin Lenon - Parsons, Strategic Design and Management (Graduate) Saico Ozawa - Parsons, Esther Achaerandio

Cents will inspire young banking customers to be fiscally responsible through a gamified digital platform while leveraging New York City’s independent financial institutions.

Pressures for saving money today are akin to fad diets: reach a short term goal for a short term reward. To maintain a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, one must make a lifestyle change. The same goes for saving money. We at Cents want to engage local credit unions and socially responsible banks to agree to an experiment: enable young banking customers to save for the long term and guide them towards financial responsibility through a gamified digital platform. Over this next year, we will research, experiment, and prototype a digital solution that will encourage young banking customers to save, spend, and settle debts responsibly. A financially stable future is possible, and it starts from the first paycheck. Cents will be your personal financial trainer, keeping you on track and helping you reach your long term goals.


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