2014 Projects
Computer Lab for Himalayan Kids
Pragya Ghimire - New School for Public Engagement, NSPE/Milano-GPIA (Graduate). Bipin Bist - External Partner

Computer Lab for Himalayan kids will help underprivileged/disadvantaged Himalayan kids in Nepal in order to fulfill their dream of having a better future by acquiring the knowledge and education through the use of computers and getting exposed to the outside world.

Geography has been as much a blessing as a curse in Nepal, a Himalayan country well known for its White Mountains and blue sky. Many schools in the mountainous regions lack basic infrastructure such as text books, blackboards, etc. These Himalayan kids can only dream about the computers and Internet. Many students have to walk up to 8 hours every day to go to school with a dream to graduate from high school and then move to a city for a better future. The goal of the project is to provide disadvantaged students with the opportunity to succeed by establishing a computer lab equipped with 10 computers in at least one high school in Bajura, a remote district of Nepal. This project aims to give a fair chance to these kids to succeed through computer education.

  • Anga

    This is a nice project, which I hope will bridge the digital gap between the rich and the poor !

  • Ananta risal

    Children need to have access & education to vocational training , holistic approach of pernaculture and bovine protection. But at the same time they also need to get international exposure. To perform r&d and keep information handy via internet and computers connected for communication with the world, children need this supportive project

  • Zoya

    Project looks interesting. This kind of project will help the kids learn and experience new things happening in the world. Need more similar projects to abridge the digital divide. Good luck.

  • Pedro Jose Rivarola


  • Mary Phombeya

    This is a welcome move and let us all support it

  • Isha

    Perhaps you could collaborate with local nonprofit, Teach For Nepal, to help secure the necessary teachers for the lab or to connect with some of their local schools. They are doing fantastic work in Nepal. http://www.teachfornepal.org/

  • SebastianL

    You got my vote!

  • David Omozuafoh

    This is noble course that should be supported. Education remains the key to other opportunities. This is wishing you good luck.

  • Anga

    A new book titled “Poor Economics” by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo are arguing that we need to radically rethink the way we fight poverty to answer why is it so hard for children in poor areas to learn, even when they attend school? This project tries to answer that.

  • Mehdi Ahadian

    so interesting and positive plan. knowing is a right for kids in those
    mountains . computer could decrease distances to books and world
    culture.. good luck

  • Bipin Bist

    Dear all my Faccebook friend

    Vote For Oneline

  • Mukunda Timilsina

    This kind of project can reduce the gap between rich and poor.It can provide the opportunity to get education in modern way by providing them computer to the children those who are under the poverty.I think its all of our responsibility to support such children who are getting education by sitting on the ground without any infrastructure of education.Good luck !

  • Mukunda Timilsina

    AS a profession Iam a teacher. I would like to request to all my student of Himalayan Academy to vote for this great work.your one vote can bring lots of change ! Thank you

  • Pradeep

    This is a great project but the impact will depend on sustainability, meaning that there should be enough computers for the entire school, a steady supply of electric or solar power to run these computers and a full time technician and a computer teacher to run the lab. Otherwise, we have seen many failed projects such as the computer lab.

  • Pragya

    Thank you all for your helpful inputs and online votes! This discussion will help refine the approach and strategy taken by this project to have maximum impact!

  • Nabin T

    This is really a very good project. Given that it wins, it will play a very important role in bridging the digital gap!

  • Cassie G

    Providing the disadvantaged kids with the opportunity to succeed in life is a noble cause! I support this project!

  • Richard

    One of the most powerful tools for the social and economic progress of a country is quality education It brings with it equality among people.

  • Sandra

    Good luck Pragya and the team! Hope the lab will help provide quality education for those Himalayan kids to realize their full potential in their lives!


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