2014 Projects
Alexandra Castillo-Kesper - Parsons, Design and Urban Ecologies (Graduate) Sabrina Dorsainvil - Parsons, Design and Urban Ecologies (Graduate) Jonathan Lapalme - Parsons, Design and Urban Ecologies (Graduate) Lara Furtado - External Partner

Conociducación is a multi-tiered project that uses urban pedagogy workshops and a targeted skillsharing platform to facilitate the enactment of the 2007- 2019 Community Action Plan of the neighborhood Comuna Dos (Santa Cruz) and address issues of socio-economic inequality and disparity; in collaboration with Corporación Cultural Nuestra Gente, a community artist-activist organization based in Medellin Colombia.

Conociducación is a transnational design collaboration between the Design and Urban Ecologies Program at Parsons the New School for Design and community artist-activist organization Corporación Cultural Nuestra Gente, located in Medellin, Colombia.   This collective effort builds upon Nuestra Gente’s 27-year history of using art to both raise social and cultural awareness within their community and improve citizen participation in political decision-making. Conociducación aims to leverage Nuestra Gente’s experiential educational practice of “learning by doing” to build and sustain communal well-being and address socio-economic disparities using urban pedagogy workshops and a targeted skill sharing platform.  As a multi-tiered project, Conociduación will employ Nuestra Gente’s practices in order to engage the community-at-large in translating the 2007-2019 Comuna Dos Community Action Plan into a series of actionable tactics. Through our proposed outreach campaign, website, and workshop facilitation we are developing tools to support their work and address the community’s most pressing needs.

  • Lara

    This project hopes to organize workshops in which different segments of the society can share! It doesnt matter if this sharing will be of more “informal” knowledge or more “institutionalized” content.

    This is extremely important in Medellín: a city that is still marked by social inequalities between citizens and the necessity for public spaces in which poorest communities can consider safe to experiment and be heard.

    Conociducación aims to not only identify those spaces in the city but also to moderate the exchange of information through a skill sharing platform! It is a very exciting perspective!

  • Rosa María Castillo-Kespet

    Estupendo! Les deseo triunfó en su empresa y beneficio a las comunidades en cual trabajen.

  • Andy

    Can you tell us about your relationship to this community and the ways that you will engage them? It sounds great but I don’t have a picture of the execution. Is there a website?

  • Jonathan

    Andy: Thank you for your message.

    About our involvement with the community: In Spring 2013, along with the local university EAFIT, we have done homestays and conducted fieldwork in Medellín alongside the group Corporación Cultural Nuestra Gente based in the hillside neighborhood of Comuna 2 (after months of research from New York). And we kept contact with them since then.

    About the execution: Our skills-sharing approach will be very targeted, both in terms of the objectives of the plan as well as the neighborhood. Inspired by work commonly done by Skillshare and the Center for Urban Pedagogy, the Conociducación project in its first year will break down Comuna Dos’ community plan into a series of ongoing workshops, each of which will thematically correspond to the needs outlined in the community plan and will be organizationally divided in two parts.

    1. In the first part of each workshop, Nuestra Gente will act as facilitator while community members in attendance will tackle a specific problem together outlined in the plan using the “learning by doing” performance methodology.

    2. Parsons and Urbam students will work with groups from this earlier session to record and diagram the steps they intend to take and the skills/knowledges they will share with other community members to address this particular issue.

    The origins for the first year’s workshops are the Corporación Cultural Nuestra Gente performance space, “Casa Amarilla,” and all activities will be documented, either through audio, video or photography to better circulate online, on the Conociducacion platform, and onsite, at Casa Amarilla. We are working closely with key personnel and community organizer Erica Muriel on the logistics and specifics of this collaboration.

    Hope it answers to your question! Keep the questions coming!


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