2014 Projects
Urvi Raghbeer - Parsons, Communication Design (Undergraduate)

ConsAC collects, filters and reuses the water that leaks from the air conditioner, which results in a reduction of the waste of water.

We often see water leaking from the air conditioners, leading to the unnecessary wastage of water. Collecting and reusing this water will result in its efficient use. Studies indicate that the water falling from the air conditioners is not as dirty as we think. It is very much like rain or the moisture around a soda can. ConsAC gets easily attached to your air conditioner and the eight containers that are connected to it filter the water as it drips. It eliminates the process of pouring water into a bottle from a bucket that is usually kept under the air conditioners. Each of the containers, with filter systems inside it, can be detached to enable one to drink the water immediately. On hot summer days, the cold water that leaks will provide comfort as well. The water can also be used to wash dishes, clothes or plants and even for bathing your pets or cleaning livestock.


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