2014 Projects
Counter Commons
Taylor Kuhn - Parsons, Transdisciplinary Design (Graduate)

Counter Commons is a collaborative making platform that provides people of all ages the opportunity to cultivate their own creativity, autonomy and cultural identities – today and in the long term.

Our mainstream, market-driven economy forces dependency on purchasing our needs rather than cultivating them ourselves or through collaboration with others. Counter Commons explores this ubiquitous, consumer-centric model and the implications that emerge in our environment and society from passive participation, centering around the issue that it threatens our creative potentials as individuals, our cultural development and identity. Counter Commons is a project in place to research and counter this issue. It is a collaborative platform that uses resources that individuals, communities or networks already have to create the things they need (and want). Replacing the convenience used to traditionally acquire these needs are opportunities to explore our own ability to be creative and autonomous, while developing trust and cooperation among fellow collaborators. In addition, this model is an exploration in how to practice financial resiliency through the support of networks.


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