2014 Projects
Designedin: We empower design students for a successful career after graduation.
Shahrouz Varshabi - Parsons, Design & Technology (Graduate) Effat Thunayan - Parsons, Product Design (Undergraduate) Abozar Hadavand - External Partner (PhD Public Economics) Anthony Driscoll, Parsons, Design and Technology (Graduate)

Designedin is an online community of faculty, alumni, students, and businesses working together to improve unemployment in design industry by providing design students with real-world projects and opportunities before graduation.

Recent college graduates are struggling to find jobs related to their degree and more than 44% of them across the U.S find themselves still unemployed twelve months after graduation. Design students are inherently conceptual and often need time after graduation to transition into the real-world market. We call this “Navigating the Bridge”. Students who are trapped on the bridge often end up accepting discouraging positions to gain knowledge of the real-world market, a situation which is earth-shatteringly unfair.

We believe integrating educational programs with professional work experience is key for preparing design students. Designedin is a bottom-up community that collects all the internal and external opportunities such as workshops, announcements and, most importantly, valuable real-world projects through a participatory model, by exposing students to customized opportunities they can discover their talents, gain real-world experience, connections, and ultimately get a firm footing on the ladder for the life after graduation.


  • Veronica

    Such a great idea! Good luck!

  • shahrouzvarshabi

    Thank you so much Veronica, and really appreciate your help for shooting today.

  • Katy Mikeladze

    I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday! I think we really need a platform like this at Parsons. Just wondering, is Designedin free?

  • shahrouzvarshabi

    Thanks, Yes it’s free for students however there is a small fee for alumni as they receive more projects.

  • Maryam

    That’s a great idea! Is it just for design related fields?

  • Effat Al Saud

    Yes it is only available to all Art and Design students. In other words “Creative Students”

  • Soheil Babae

    Supper useful, I was struggling for a long time after my graduation to understand what I want to do and how! I think this community can really help students to understand the real world market before graduation, I’ve just signed up on your website, please keep me posted about your progress.

  • shahrouzvarshabi

    At Designedin we know there is plenty to worry about, too much clutter and not enough time while you are a student. For some it’s a fact of life. For us it’s inspiring to build a community to solve this problem.

  • Soheil Babae

    Awesome, well said

  • Jacob Cooperman

    This is actually revolutionary. Is this platform only about freelance projects or all the opportunities like workshops?

    • Effat Al Saud

      we are one designated place for all the internal and external opportunities, everything from workshops, talks, events, and most importantly freelance projects from outside organization

  • amirabbas

    Sounds great… I just joint you… I think this is kind of solution to increase the knowledge about the industry of design and all opportunities.good luck and let me know more about your activities. Thank you….

    • Effat Al Saud

      Of course, Thank you for your support!

  • shahrouzvarshabi

    Thank you so much, your supports will get us there.

  • Shahrzad Soloki

    Nice progress in compare with last year, it’s coming along, I’m excited

  • Shahrzad Soloki

    Are you guys just making this exclusively for Parsons students?

    • http://anthonydriscoll.elance.com Anthony Driscoll

      No, Designedin will be available to all design students that possess a .edu email address.

    • SebastianL

      Then you should take a look at The Parsons Agency, we focus on Parsons students in specific and teams working with clients.

      • http://anthonydriscoll.elance.com Anthony Driscoll

        At Designedin, we’re offering this platform to the entire country giving ALL students at every university an opportunity for real world experience prior to graduation.

        • SebastianL

          Yes I know that! Good luck.

    • Effat Al Saud

      No it is not exclusively for parsons students, it is for any student or alumni in design or arts with an edu email.

  • Dave Robin

    Love it.

  • shahrouzvarshabi

    Please like us on Facobook and get updated about our latest news.

  • Hadzz

    Thank you very much guys for your support!

  • Sadra Shahab

    GO AGHA SHAHROOZ BE JOONE E TO! voted for you man. loved your project

  • Effat Al Saud

    Thank you guys so much!! Amazing support!


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