2014 Projects
Documenting Elder LGBTQ Personal History Media Workshops
Mary Grueser - NSPE/Milano, International Affairs (Graduate) Oscar Frasser - New School for Public Engagement, Media Studies (Graduate)

Documenting Elder LGBTQ Personal History Media Workshops plans to establish a nonprofit organization that will facilitate media education and documentary filmmaking with the elderly in New York City (and beyond) by utilizing critical pedagogy curricula.

In today’s technology dependent world, media is consumed by most individuals on a daily basis.  Yet the voices represented in mainstream media are traditionally limited to select populations and perspectives.  There are many groups, among those being the LGBTQ and elderly populations, whose voices are either underrepresented or absent from current conversations and perspectives found in media and film.

The mission of this project is to provide a unique space for elderly LGBTQ individuals to critically explore issues from their perspective and learn to make a short personal history documentary.  The concept of the Elder Media project is to facilitate workshops that are designed to create an empowering space for the elderly LGBTQ to explore critical issues, produce a unique and thoughtful personal history documentary film that is of gallery exhibition quality and enhance their technology skills in the areas of internet, video, photography, editing, filmmaking and social media.


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