2014 Projects
Fashioning Community
Maayan Sherris - Parsons, Fashion Design (Undergraduate), Mayan Toledano - Parsons, Fashion Design (Undergraduate)

Fashioning Community has a focus on tradition — transmitting customs and beliefs to problem-solving techniques, providing comfort, stability and local fluidity.

As clothing is considered a necessity around the globe, we chose to face the common question of where it is coming from, who is making it, and what purpose does it serve. Part of our goal is to question whether fashion practices nowadays consider diversity of communities or treat cultural references with respect and care. Our research is based in Harlem, inspired by traditional religious clothing known as “Sunday Best”. For our photographic research please visit: http://sundaychurchbest.tumblr.com/

Being the new generation of fashion designers we’re interested in generating an evolution towards sustainable thought and practice. With both of us being seniors in the BFA Fashion design program at Parsons, we believe it is our responsibility as the next generation of designers to face these questions. Our process involves reaching out to our local community and researching innovative sustainable craft technique with an ambition to fuse theory and practical tools. Working together as part of a collective we try to solve one of the biggest issues in the fashion industry of continuous waste, repetitive copies and endless sweatshop labor.

Our proposal consists of a theory and its solution: fashioning a community that collectively inspires research and recognition combined with zero-waste patternmaking techniques that methods our resources and technology we learned at Parsons.

  • Uptown

    This proposal is essential NY. If sustainability is about endurance, the fashion of New York’s black community epitomizes its vital and vivid endurance.
    These two young designers have been inspired by the love and faith of Harlem church-goers that’s expressed in their Sunday Best. Support their ideas and their work!

  • Buffalo Connie

    All the best!

  • Buffalo Doris

    Buffalo is the “City of Good Neighbors” and we are behind this amazing project for these lovely ladies in their “Sunday Best”.

  • Arieh Sherris

    “Fashioning Community” resonates with the values of a socially, economically, and environmentally sound and sustainable future for fashion. Hats off to the authors for creating an ethnographic foundation to fashion that should be emulated worldwide!


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