2014 Projects
Sebastian Linden - Parsons, Design and Management (Graduate) Paiame Shalavand - External Partner

Getrid is a mobile application helping people to get rid of things they don’t need anymore and finding things that could be reused.

Overpopulation and overconsumption are among the most dangerous factors obscuring a sustainable future for global civilization. The side effects like depleted natural resource reserves, pollution, and lack of space put the planet’s natural systems off-kilter, and threaten the survival and development of future generations.  As the process of consuming has become increasingly complex and stressful — with many choices and even more challenging gadgets, we need to find ways how to guide the consumers through a change, whilst not stealing their time.  Collaborative consumption, sharing, is a smart way of saving natural resources. However, humans still have a tendency of wanting to own their own things. We wanted to create a useful service that both saves time and money, and in addition contributes to sustainability.  Getrid is a mobile application that helps people get rid of the things they do not need anymore and find things that can be reused.


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