2014 Projects
In Our Minds
Thomas Disley - NSPE/Milano, International Affairs (Graduate) Ashley Jacoby - New School for Public Engagement, Film Production (Undergraduate)

In Our Minds is an innovative teaching aid that will empower teachers to help pupils with mental health issues through educating their peer group and directing them to support.

Twenty-five percent of teenagers experience a mental health issue during high school, but despite such prevalence, pupils aren’t getting support.    Lack of support can bring damaging consequences, and it is not case that teachers don’t know this. Our research has shown they simply don’t have the time or tools.  We promise to deliver a modern teaching solution to tackle this problem.   Our solution will be co-created with teachers. It will be digital and easy to share, and will break down into several core components:   – Complete lesson plans in a variety of formats to meet teacher needs  – Three dramatic videos depicting a day in the life of a student with a mental health condition  – Autobiographical video monologues from teenagers living with a mental health condition – An assistance portal to help teachers approach and deal with individual pupils – Collection of further information and direction to local support

  • L. Jackson

    As a teacher, I can vouch that this program would be incredibly important to bring into our schools!

  • Sylvia Beatus

    I think this filmi s very important for children to see as they will realize that they r not the only one with this issue. It is a wonderful film and should be shown in schools.

  • Trevor Eyster

    I’m very proud to be an executive producer on this project. The way we reach the hearts and minds of others to get them to soften their judgments and flex their empathy muscles… is through the ancient art of storytelling. Let’s share some stories together, and deepen our understanding of others.

  • Venus NYorke

    I want in!!! This is a crucial topic that needs to be heard… big fan!!!

  • R. Granozio

    Well done to everyone working on this project. I really hope you succeed in bringing about positive change!

  • Megan Ann Noe

    This project is deeply important to me. My hope is that this website will empower those with mental illness to speak out and also help eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Thank you for your vote. It means the world to all involved with this project.

  • Laurie Klein

    A very important topic handled with insight and sensitivity- Really a work of art!!

  • Jake Griffin

    Wow! Awesome!

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