2014 Projects
Labor of American Enslaved Forced US Economic Growth
Sally Mehreteab - New School for Social Research, Historical Studies (Graduate)

Labor of American Enslaved is a project to shift the perspective of American Slavery showing the impact of enslaved labor on US economic growth. My efforts seek to shift the perspective of American slavery  showing Blacks’ economic contributions to the essential growth of the nation during the vital first centuries of its founding. Show a United States audience: The labor of enslaved Americans created products that carried the United States into the Atlantic trade cycle as an economic force. Industries dependent upon products and labor of the enslaved including finance and shipping further bolstered US growth.

  • Sally Mehreteab

    The name of the project is Light to the Work – How the US Enslaved Enriched America

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  • Kailash

    Still American people thinks of differentiate themselves to race and various ethnicity though this works less but aforementioned reasons making some serious issue which is harmful to make the economical growth further. The dissertation help services also writing content on this. After the revolution of the race or as one might expect the process of equalization in all sectors though its still in the hullabaloos to make the options to enslave in day light with lots of unfair means. Therefore positive view and reviews should take in to consideration before enter in to this actions properly.

  • James Chris

    This project is very
    enlightening and will also depict how the malice of slavery can affect the
    economic growth not only of America but of any nations which still believes in
    the power of bondage. Indeed this project is a step towards teaching the World
    a lesson that Slavery shall be abolished to foster growth. I am also doing the
    project on similar lines and dissertation peer review is helping me in completing my project in a very fruitful direction.

  • Lisa

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