2014 Projects
Mandou Bem
James Frankis - Parsons, Transdisciplinary Design (Graduate) Meagan Durlak - Parsons, Transdisciplinary Design (Graduate)

Mandou Bem is an organization that enables, inspires and incentivizes the youth of favelas to engage in social change, through an online platform that will generate campaigns, showcase projects, and provide a social network for active youth.

Mandou Bem, which is Portuguese slang for ‘good job’, is an organisation that aims to enable, inspire and incentivise youth activism in the favelas of Brazil. Currently, favelas, or informal settlements, are often portrayed as being rife with crime, disease and poverty. While these stereotypes are not wholly untrue they are wildly inaccurate—favelas are full of dedication, drive and cultural vibrancy. It is these characteristics that Mandou Bem hopes to capture and to exemplify. Through an online platform and network, the youth of these communities will challenge one another to engage in small social change campaigns within their communities, such as ‘pick up 50 cans from the streets’ or ‘make a radio show about your community’. These challenges will inspire the favela youth to become active citizens in their communities, as well as demonstrate to the rest of the world how much they have to offer in these often stigmatised places. Why? Because favelas matter.


Links to social media around our project (this project was previously called Mark):









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