2014 Projects
Material Communications
Doremy Diatta - Parsons, Transdisciplinary Design (Graduate)

Material Communications has the potential exists in our visual and tactile world to enhance our mental health and social intelligence.

We are starting to see a movement where education and health institutions are making curriculum adjustments that embrace social and emotional intelligence. Emotions are something that can either enhance or hinder your ability to learn and communicate, and they’re constantly affecting our ability to perform at home, school, and work. Material Communications is an initiative that suggests there is a missing variable in this new movement; the material world.    Inspired by existing methods such as art therapy (drawing-based), narrative therapy (verbal communication-based), and somatic therapy (body-oriented), this project bases its modality on sets of objects and spaces in order to support a person’s social and emotional capacities. What could our visual and tactile world bring to this movement?   The goal of this project is to become a design consultancy that serves the growth of multiple education and healthcare programs that are beginning to embrace mental health and social intelligence.


  • Coleen

    Having been a social worker, special education teacher, and now an ESL teacher, I feel that we have often failed a very large population of students that are disadvanged and “handicapped” due to mental health and social intelligence needs. Thank you for your goal to bring multiple education programs, particularly because I too am a visual and tactile learner.

    • Doremy

      Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Coleen! I think we’ll be seeing education and the definition of ‘success’ open up and expand!

  • Ron Newman

    I’m doing a study on the 7 forms of intelligence. We need to talk. What you’re doing is vital to a well-rounded education!


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