2014 Projects
outlaw {skate} culture
Niko Nelson - Eugene Lang, Literary Studies (Undergraduate) Tasia Prince - Parsons, Design & Technology (Graduate)

outlaw {skate} culture is a literary skateboard magazine, for the forgotten, the unheard of, and the creatures of urban underground scenes who only have themselves to look up to.

We’d like to think skateboarding is for everyone: the poor, the rich, the experienced, the underdeveloped. Most of all, we think skateboarding is for the inspired and those willing to defy social and physical barriers to make inspiration a reality. o{s}c is the voice of the inspired, life-defying individuals, making the world a diverse artistic community.  To all the infamous, underground street lurkers, with nary a care for the past, forever seeking a doper, more useful future: this is your world. We’re here to document and inspire you.  We feature lives — trials and triumphs included — of those before us, those now with us, and those still in the making. We’re shaping a culture for a world and a people who don’t have much more than their board, their beats or their brushes and an brazen determination.

  • j_marcel

    For the outlaw in all of us.


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