2014 Projects
Retractable Redesign
Julie Huynh - Parsons, Design & Technology (Graduate)

Retractable Redesign is a redesign of New York public parks current water fountains to encourage reusable water bottle usage, and alleviate the waste of disposable water bottles.

A mother, a child, a pet, and a man in a wheelchair share the common pain of thirst, but no common place to quench it in public parks. Outdated, inaccessible fountains scattered in the maze of public parks leaves no retreat for the thirsty traveler. Only the water vendor aiming to make a quick buck hawks cold water for a measly dollar, but the cheap price of the public’s instant gratification costs a greater price for the cleanup and recycling of these wasteful products. Old fountains outdated by time and design blend forgotten into NY Public Park landscapes. Recreating a return to their function will bring the public back to parks.

  • Veronica

    You go girl!

  • Kimmie Chung

    Is there a number of votes needed?


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