2014 Projects
Temporary Adaptable Permaculture
Karina Andreeva - Parsons, Architectural Design (Undergraduate)

Temporary Adaptable Permaculture is a design intervention that will empower the residents of The Tower of David by suggesting a feasible and sustainable solution to the lack of basic amenities in the building, leading to poor sanitation, safety issues and provisional issues.

A design intervention for the Tower of David in Caracas, Venezuela that preserves the vernacular methods of the people inhabiting the abandoned structure. Currently there is a Rube Goldbergian system for distribution of water, the exterior walls do not let enough light in and food is not affordable. Our aim is to solve pressing issues the residents of the Tower are currently suffering from. We hope to plant the seeds for self-sustained living and adaptation of decrepit buildings worldwide. Though ambitious in its goals, the design itself will consist of a modular system which can easily be adapted to individual needs and grow infinitely to desired sizes. To achieve this, an analysis of the building and its inhabitants has been in process for the past six months.

The project is currently entering the design and prototype stage. The goal will be to implement the strategy on site in the summer of 2014.

  • Kelly

    This looks incredible! More projects like this need to be initiated. I hope this wins!

  • Vivianne

    A great challenge…will watch with interest

  • Clive

    This sounds like an exciting project that is very relevant to the needs of the community which are dwelling in Torre David. Perhaps the solution could also be implemented in similar situations globally

  • Hen

    Good use of the name “Rube Goldberg,” it was very descriptive of the nature of the system.

  • csl

    This is so relevant! The number of slums have only been increasing globally.

  • Hanski

    A wonderful project to better this community. If anybody can do it you can Karina! Fingers crossed that you are given the chance to continue, you are truly
    a visionary!!!

  • Claire

    What interested me in this project is that it will listen to voices and learn the lives of the people who call this Tower home. Not only is it innovative and sustainable, but it is utterly human. It has my support and absolutely gets my vote.

  • Sammi

    Connecting people with fresh food in the city is an important
    challenge for planners in today’s world. I love the innovative way you are addressing
    this issues coupled with the idea of adaptive reuse of what looks like an
    incredible building. You are also tackling two different aspects of sustainability;
    one, the self-sustainably of the inhabitants being able to locally produce
    their own food and the other of buildings itself. Construction and demolition
    waste is a huge issue in developing (and developed) cities and the greenest
    building is the one that is already built. This is a really exciting project!!
    Good luck Karina!!! Miss you!!!

  • Hugo

    Great concept for the Torre David, architecture for humanity!

  • Farns

    This is so great, because it’s not just talk on how to help people living in slum-like conditions. It’s a real and practical system for intervention!

  • Robert Kirkbride

    Karina’s project is an extremely valuable exploration in user-centered architecture, which seeks to extract the ingredients of a design proposal from dwellers’ desires and needs rather than superimpose her expectations. This is contrary to the standard architectural fare, such as the Urban Think Tank’s award-winning, but ultimately vapid, proposal to provide the squatters with a restaurant, 3-story gym and commercial stores. The New Challenge funds would enable Karina to visit the site directly this summer, and build on her capstone work this semester.


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