2015 Projects
Black Banana: Exhibitions of Absence
Novel Sholars, Maira Nolasco
The New School for Public Engagement, Media Studies (Graduate)

The Big Black Banana in the room, that goes unnoticed.

Black Banana: Exhibitions of Absence is the examination of structural racism in art curation within the context of cultural inclusion and it’s effects on descendants of Africa living in Central America. Acting as a metaphor, it sheds light on the absence of those of the African Diaspora in the workforce, and as a part of the overall Central American cultural project. Is the lack of Black Latino representation proof of racist curatorial practices in the Central American contemporary art world? We wish to explore this question and more, creating awareness around the possible denial of racism, and how that denial effects who and what is curated. Ultimately the goal of Black Banana is to provoke an open discourse about identity, hybridity, and access, along with providing a vehicle for collaboration and exhibition.


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