2015 Projects
CCS Móvil
Nelesi Rodriguez, Jose Andres Reyes
The New School for Public Engagement, Media Studies (Graduate); Creative Director of Misterfrik

CCS Móvil is a collaborative mobile app that helps people navigate Caracas’ complex public transportation landscape.

CCS Móvil is a collaborative mobile app that will allow pedestrians in Caracas to make the most out of their own collective knowledge. Individuals will be able to upload, save, and share their public transportation routes to the platform, not only to remember them in the future, but also to help others get where they want to go by using the city’s convoluted public transportation.

Public institutions, such as local governments and even the public transportation providers, could serve as backers of this project by promoting its usage. These actors could benefit from the information that is collected through it, by using the data to do in depth analysis and implement new urban policies that could improve the current situation on the city’s public transportation.

In the long run, citizens, and both the private and the public sectors could benefit from a project such as CCS Móvil.


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