2015 Projects
Communities of Praxis
Monique Baena-Tan, Rehanna Azimi
Parsons The New School for Design, Design & Urban Ecologies (Graduate)

Co-created in an Urban Ecologies Studio in Spring 2014 with classmate Marcea Decker, Communities of Praxis is a tool designed to facilitate the engagement and synthesis of local voices in Medellin, Colombia.

The Communities of Praxis tools consist of a workshop, physical installation and a DIY manual. The installation details physical features of a particular street. Layers provide a place for recording underrepresented narratives and memories that may not necessarily be evident, yet are deeply important to the character of the community. This gives the intangible the necessary weight that it deserves by being represented alongside the physical structures of the space. The tool is an engaging and interactive way to unflatten history, uncover meaningful landmarks and stories, find common goals, and build or expand community relationships. It leaves the participant with agency in their own hands. This installation is further supported by a DIY-Manual which walks the participant through the goals of the workshops and encourages them to network, form their own action groups, or join existing ones.


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