2015 Projects
Jay-Young Shim, Rafael Cordoba, Tzu Chieh Hsiao
Parsons The New School for Design, Product Design (Undergraduate), Communication Design (Undergraduate)

CompassNYC is a wayfinding tool to help point pedestrians in the correct direction after exiting the MTA Subway System.

CompassNYC aims to limit pedestrian confusion when exiting the MTA Subway System. It is designed to simplify foot travel in the NYC Grid System.
Travelers unfamiliar to areas in NYC often experience disorientation as they arrive above ground while exiting the subway. To determine one’s bearings, it is commonplace to walk to the nearest block as a reference point. This results in unnecessary travel in unintended directions.
CompassNYC will clearly communicate to a pedestrian exiting the MTA subway their current location. Emblems on subway exit sidewalks will relate cardinal directions. This should aid pedestrians since street numbers increase and decrease while walking north and south and avenue numbers increase and decrease while walking west and east.



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