2015 Projects
Johann Vollenhoven - Parsons The New School for Design, Strategic Design and Management (Graduate), Roupen Karageuzian - SDM Parsons (Graduate), Margo Manbode - Milano School of Business, Lu Zhang - SDM Parsons (Graduate), Ramon Cuen - Certificate SDM Parsons

The Food Waste Reduction App – Coupe

Not only are Americans buying food they don’t need, coupled with poor recycling, donating and the inability to find places to discard this wasted resource, our actions in relation to food now define the way people live and eat in the 21st century. We recognize that if people were able to gain insight first into their behavior, what motivates their actions and understand the appropriate decisions made around how they consume food, we would not only uncover interesting and groundbreaking knowledge about people but, open the possibility of living better and becoming better people. We aim to introduce a product based on critical insights into the consumer and his or her choices and decisions made around food.


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