2015 Projects
Cuba Verde
Tyler Bird
The New School for Public Engagement, Graduate Program in International Affairs

Cuba Verde is an online platform run by development professionals and academics that will research and advocate for green and sustainable methods of promoting long held social values while exploring new found economic opportunities in Cuba through the promotion of agriculture, green medicine and a new found social entrepreneurial community.

Cuba Verde will function as a think tank and online collaboration platform which closely monitors social, political and economic developments in Cuba while advocating for, and analyzing, the potential of green medicine and social entrepreneurialism as enabling agents for social change, medical advancement and economic prosperity. Field work in Cuba will be key in gaining insight into the potential for innovation and the improvement of livelihoods of Cuban people in light of economic and diplomatic reform. Engagement with Cuban Americans, Cuban scholars, and academics and development professionals in the US will be fundamental in reaching Cuba Verde’s goal to inform, advocate and research.


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