2015 Projects
Dismantling the simulation
Daniel Esparza
The New School for Social Research, MA Philosophy

Dismantling the Simulation is a 2.0 platform for participative visual activism. It uses social media platforms through subversion of political and corporative icons, aiming to deconstruct visual production to confront, from a critical posture, all sorts of institutional –especially political, economical and social- media content.



  • carlos anzuategui


  • Tina Iaroshenko

    Awesome. I am from Ukraine Love this idea! Totally support!

    • Daniel Esparza

      Thank you so much, Tina. Our idea is, precisely, to reproduce this model all throughout the world. If we can make it happen in Venezuela, it can happen elsewhere. We want to have an Ukranian “Dismantling the Simulation” group, an Iranian one and so on. The whole idea is working on networks, through the website we want to build, and distributing our curated catalogs so this experience can be reproduced anywhere the Simulation needs to be dismantled.

  • miyovanstenis

    This group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Lametaesdesmontarlasimulacion/?ref=bookmarks (how this project born) remix and critic through art what is happening in Venezuela every day thanks to the Chavez Revolution pls be part

  • Helena Acosta

    Dismantling the simulation is born, as an experimental 2.0 platform. It appropriates the already existing social platform and subverts in order to deconstruct visual production, assuming a critical posture confronting the institutionalized media content. Its production operates horizontally, with no controls nor hierarchies. In short, it is a collective rebel action that seeks to question and dismantle the discourses and the information distribution schemes operating in Venezuela..co

    • Simon Figuera

      Hola Elena, como se vota?

      • Helena Acosta

        Hola Simon, nos es una votacion como tal, es una recomendacion.


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