2015 Projects
How Did We Get Here? Implicit Bias and Institutional Racism in America
Sally Mehreteab
The New School for Social Research, Historical Studies (Graduate)

Transform the national narrative to include black American efforts, labor and skill in shaping the United States and the quest for independence, founding and growth.

Through an information campaign, highlight black American involvement in the nation’s development, including enslaved labor and skill in forging independence and allowing the United States to prosper domestically and internationally. Equally important is working for textbooks to include a more holistic narrative of black Americans to the United States founding and growth, understanding that American slavery was a national phenomenon not limited to the South, and removal of the song “Jump Down, Turn Around Pick a Bale of Cotton”, from elementary school music curriculums, unless taught in an appropriately contextualized manner.

Implicit bias seems an almost overwhelmingly intractable problem, but by asking, “How Did We Get Here?” we must answer by reviewing the narratives we historically value and those we have left silent.

The ultimate goal is for Americans, beginning with elementary and middle school youth, to have a more positive racial identity of black Americans.

  • S. Mehreteab

    “How Did We Get Here?” asks how we can
    arrive at a new place – one with a more holistic view of black agency in
    Please visit We Came Here and We Worked Hard – WeCameHereAndWeWorkedHard.com for updates on this project. Thank you!
    -S. Mehreteab


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