2015 Projects
My Little Monsters
Rachael Fried, Joseph Wheeler
Parsons The New School for Design, Transdisciplinary Design (Graduate)

We are designing toys and accompanying media that will help parents start conversations about race, gender, and family structure with their kids.

Research shows that without concrete conversations about diversity, young children can internalize implicit biases as early as the age of three. The “colorblind” approach has encouraged parents to avoid risky topics like race, ethnicity, and gender, and instead preach the generic message that “everyone is equal.”

In order to raise children who truly see everyone as equal, we need to design children’s media that highlights diversity and helps parents start conversations around taboo topics in meaningful ways. Toys and media can be a starting point, so parents who want to talk about diversity with their kids but are not sure how to will have a means by which to do so. ‘My Little Monsters’ will be a catalyst for parents and children to engage in these important conversations, and have fun while doing it.


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