2015 Projects
#MyGaryIsLike | A Urban Symbiotic Development
Jasmine Wright
Parsons The New School for Design, Architectural Design (Undergraduate)

#MyGaryIsLike | A Urban Symbiotic Development is a service project that seeks to be a cultural competency model for resilient and sustainable urban renewal that attracts the economic wealth but places that cash into the hands of the existing locals.

This spring and summer, I plan on spending a few months in the city Gary, Indiana, developing a cultural institution to be the prototype for other singular industrial cities that have faced major destruction and abandonment over the past few decades. About 78,000 people currently reside in Gary. The advantage of building up one area is to attract satellites that do the same, and bring people together via philanthropy from arts institutions and celebrities who are invested in the development of alternative culture. Dwindling populations, and crime are marketed by the news to further drive down the cost of housing. The reason families with students are still there is because owning a house is so cheap. Gary has been neglected for many years, and as a city primarily black, a real opportunity exists for black artistic exploration that has permanency, in the form of architecture, can arise.


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