2015 Projects
Peace Corps Volunteers as Designers: A Design and Systems Thinking Toolkit
De-Ann Abraham
The New School for Public Engagement, Nonprofit Management (Graduate)

A toolkit that uses Design and Systems Thinking strategies to enable Peace Corps Volunteers facilitate sustainable change in the communities they serve.

Volunteers as Designers – A Toolkit designed to give Peace Corps volunteers the problem-solving and critical community analysis skills to determine the best way they can mobilize and empower community members to facilitate sustainable projects. This toolkit aims to innovate the way Peace Corps volunteers create impact in the communites they serve. Through integration of Systems Thinking (the process of understanding how things, regarded as systems, influence one another within a whole) to the Design Thinking process (a human-centered, prototype-driven process for innovation that can be applied to product, service, and business design), Peace Corps volunteers can broaden their impact. In addition, the combination of these two processes will help volunteers better understand their communites. In addition, by integrating Systems Thinking to Design thinking the entire system of a community is brought into discussion from the beginning and community members will be empowered to plan and strategize for themselves.



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