2015 Projects
Plate to Plate
Carlota Ferrari, Elisa Gilson
The New School for Public Engagement, Environmental Policy and Sustainability (Graduate)

Plate to Plate provides an online on-demand transportation solution for rescued food donation connections to occur, while supporting the environmental and social sustainability of the communities we operate in.

Plate to Plate is a social enterprise bridging the transportation gap in food recovery, while providing professional and personal development programs for NYC youth.

Although 1 in 6 New York Residents are food insecure, food remains the largest component of waste going to landfills. Because food donations typically need to exceed 100 lbs to be picked up, many small businesses and events cannot regularly participate in donating excess food. We seek to address this gap by providing the necessary online platform and transportation for food to travel from plate to plate.

We earnestly believe (and can back up empirically), that promoting social equity and environmental sustainability positively impacts businesses’ and communities’ long-term growth. In order to address this, we are dedicated to providing the NYC youth we hire with direct job-development skills that are relevant professionally and personally, all the while reducing the amount of waste that is generated.


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