2015 Projects
Report It, Girl
Zoe Middleton, Alissa Ackerman-Acklin, Kat Alexander
The New School for Public Engagement, Media Studies (Graduate); University of Washington-Tacoma; Report It, Girl

Report It, Girl (RIG) is a website for female-identifying survivors of sexual violence to connect, learn and start their journey towards healing.

By conservative estimates, one in six women in the United States are sexually assaulted. RIG envisions a world where healing is possible for every survivor. Our site is half-resource hub, half-storytelling and community platform. Through our resource section we answer the questions that survivors ask in the days, months and years after an assault (how to understand statute of limitations, how to find a healthcare provider that understands PTSD, etc). Our storytelling platform allows survivors to share as much or as little of their story as they feel comfortable with. In writing their own story community members are able to reclaim part of their experience and in reading the stories of others they are comforted in knowing that they are not alone.



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