2015 Projects
ShiPin : Re-imagining Food Journeys in China
Aya Jaffar, Janson Cheng (Zhi Yuan Cheng), Isabella Brandalise, Ren Du
Parsons The New School for Design, MFA Transdisciplinary Design

How might we build a community of farmers and city dwellers in China while boosting economic development, food safety, and empathy?

In China, we identified and opportunity for innovation within the food system that advances economic development for the rural village farmers, while building a sense of community between city dwellers and farmers. This arises from emerging concerns over food safety, the economic disadvantage that farmers face, and the lack of empathy within the young generation regarding the food they consume and the farmers who grow it.

We propose a service based on a web platform that links agricultural plots of land, farmers, and city dwellers. City dwellers would “reserve or rent” small plots of farmland on which a farmer works. Via the web platform, they can see their own produce grow, meet the humans behind the farming community growing their food, and access nutritional information about the produce. Direct delivery or pickup will allow access to the freshest seasonal produce for the city dweller, while economically helping the farming community.


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